How to work pattern stitch

:?? Greetings knitters! :XX: I am looking at two sweaters purchased in Portugal years 'n years ago. The stitch pattern consists of a variation of knit-purl rib with a raised, knitted-looking edge on the knit ribs - this as a background for two cables. The reverse side looks just like the reverse of knit-purl rib, with little horizontal “ladders” from knit to knit. The same pattern is used front and back and on the sleeves (with one cable down the top of the sleeve). One sweater is raglan and one with set-in sleeves; the larger has a wider version of this rib (perhaps knit-purl-purl). I cannot pull out stitches to see how this was worked, of course! These are fabulous sweaters of wool & acrylic, hand-knitted and wonderful in all ways. But I really want to duplicate the pattern and am getting nowhere fast trying various combinations. Any suggestions would be welcome; I will cheerfully try any stitch pattern which might yield this result! Should I take a photo and attach it?? thanks much, Little Audrey :thinking:

I think a picture would be helpful!

:smiley: I THINK this might be called a cluster rib … Here are photos of the two forms of the stitch in question[/img]

The bottom one reminds me of a twisted rib.

p3, LT end with p3
k3, p2, k3

The top one looks like the mini cable in Vogue Stitionary

row 1 *p1, k3, rep from * end p1
row 2 and 4 * k1, p3, rep from & end k1
Row 3 *p1, skip 2 st, k third st on lh needle, k first st, k second st, then sl these 3 st off LH neeedle; rep from * end p1

That’s what I come up with from this book, anyway.

:wink: It IS a cluster rib - the lower image; the upper image is a variation of the cluster rib which, I suspect, “clusters” a larger number of stitches. Cluster rib: multiple of 3 + 1 stitches; right side: P1, K2,P1 repeat **
verso: K1 YO, K2, Pyo over two just knitted and off right needle,K1 repeat **
This was particularly difficult to figure out as there are two cables spaced among three banks of this pattern stitch - and one of the cables had one stitch more increase than the other! But it works up very nicely (an easy stitch) to the correct bulk & gauge with two strands of worsted weight yarn on size 10 & 1/2 or 11 needles! :cheering:

Glad you got it figured out! :thumbsup: