How to work out how much wool i need?


i want to knit a scarf that is 40cm x 150 cm (16’’ x 59’’) in this yarn:

How can i work out how many balls i need? i am having to get the yarn shipped from Canada to the UK and that is $15. i’d rather not have to do it twice because i miscalculated how much wool i needed.

Thanks ever so much!

What pattern are you using?

on the polarknit yarn website (polarknit brand offers both finished products, and plain yarns) they have a free scarf pattern. the scarves are 4.75 or 6 wide, and both 62 long. they both use 2 balls of the worsted. - your project is about 3-4x that width, so that’d math out to 6-8 balls, but in a lace pattern.

on this yarn’s ravelry page there are links to projects made with it, including scarves ( and those patterns use all sorts of amounts. the closest i found was a wrap that is 19x62 (project page at , original pattern at ). that pattern would require 760-1235 yards depending on bust size. the project i referenced was sized in the middle but that’s still about 1000 yards (12 balls).

but… it all depends on pattern, needles, and gauge, not just overall finished size. i’d take a look at the project page for the yarn on ravelry, and see what looks closest to what you want. most of those have better yarn estimates.

also, polarknit’s site references vendor locations. if one is near you, it might make sense to buy locally/regionally, and return any extra… just a thought :wink:

Thanks so much for your links. that’s very helpful.

As for the retailers, i did look for one in the uk but i can’t find one, which is why i have to order from Canada!