How to Work Increase Sitches into Pattern

Hi all,

I am currently working on a Rowan pattern and am having some issues with deciphering how to work the sleeve increases into the pattern.

The base pattern is 4 rows as follows:
Row 1: Purl.
Row 2: P1, *(K1,P1,K1) all into next st, P3tog, repeat from * to last st, P1.
Row 3: Purl.
Row 4: P1, *P3tog, (K1, P1, K1) all into next st, repeat from * to last st, P1.

It is now asking me to continue in the pattern, and to shape the sides of the sleeve by inc 1 at each end of 3rd and every following 6th row to 94 sts.
I will therefore be increasing on Row 3, then Row 1, then 3 again, then 1, 3 etc. but how do I then work rows 2 and 4. For the first few rounds at least I know to just increase the number of purl stitches at the start, but when do I go back to purling 1 at the start again? Given I have started with 58 stitches, would it be when I reach 68? I not sure I want to end up with a strip of the pattern and then a strip of purled stitches.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The pattern stitch repeat takes 4sts. You shouldn’t work the repeat until you have enough sts fro a full repeat. So when you have 4 sts increased you’ll be able to P1, work an additional repeat and continue with the repeat across the row ending with P1.

That makes sense, thanks very much!

Just to clarify, does that mean 4 sts increased at both ends or 2sts at each end?

Four sts on each end not including the P1 at the beg and end of row. Once you’ve increased 4 sts on each end you’ll have enough for a full repeat [P3tog, (K1, P1, K1) all into next st] on each end.
Sorry for the confusion. Enjoy your knitting!

Brilliant, many thanks!