How to "work in the round over 2 sts"

The pattern I’m knitting says: “Openwork Pattern (worked in the round over 2 sts)”.

What does “over 2 stitches” mean?
Should I ignore it and just follow the pattern or do I have to do anything in particular?

PS you can find the pattern here:

:?? That sounds weird, but it looks like you’re working around the entire bag in the round.

It means the stitch pattern is a multiple of 2 sts so just be sure you have an even number of sts, not an odd number.

Yes, I’m working on circular needles. But I don’t know what to do with the “over 2 sts” part.

Oh that’s all? :slight_smile:
So I just go on knitting the pattern?

Thank you very much suzeeq!

Yep, it’s just another way of saying the st pattern is a multiple of 2 sts.