How to work a RT and Left Twist Stitch

Hi everyone, I am working a pattern that calls for Right Twist:K second st on left needle and leave on needle k first st sl both sts of needle… Left Twist: K second st on left needle through back loop and leave on needle K first st as usual sl both sts off needle Here’s the question. What do I do with the first st while working the second? Do I slip to a cable needle then bring up and work??? If so, do I hold the stitch in front or back :shrug: Thanks

I’m making a camisole that has ribbing made up of LT’s. Here’s how my pattern explains it:

Knit 2 sts together without dropping them from the left needle, insert the right needle knitwise in the front of the first stitch again and knit it. Let both stitches drop from the left needle.

Hope this helps.

Here’s a link to a picture to see of yours looks similar

That’s whats puzzling me :shrug: I have to work the “second st” first, then the first st :-x So what do I do with the first st when I am wrestling :wall: with the second st :?? Keep it on the left needle or take off and then work :!!!:

Keep it on the needle. You can do it, but it helps if the stitches aren’t too tight.


Knitty has a great article explaining these twisted stitches and different ways to do them. Basically it’s a two-stitch cable (one crossing over the second). You can do them with a cable needle if you continue to find the other methods tricky.


:muah: :muah: Knitty is a great site :cheering: looks like I was doing the “stitch” all wrong :grrr: Thanks soo much everyone… :notworthy: