How to weave in ends over seed stitch?

I am very close to completeing the baby cardigan i have been working on, i just have to seam the sleeves (not looking forward to but i will manage) and weeve in the ends.

On the stockinette areas that isnt a problem but the boarders are worked in seed stitch and i am struggling to work out how to securely weave in ends over the alternating knits and purls without it being messy or being seen.
Any tips or websites which show how this can be done?

I hope this helps, but you may already be doing it…

What I do is pull the stitch that I’m going into up a little, not up like if you were tinking, but up towards the other stitches. It opens it up a little and I can see where the yarn should go. Sometimes it takes a little while for me to be able to see it. But that’s what has worked for me. I hope you can understand what I’m saying…

Are the seed stitch borders going to be able to be down or up, like cuffs that you would be able to roll up? Or are they going to stay on the inside all the time? If they are inside all the time I think I would work across from a knit, to a purl bump, to a knit again, etc. using a sharp (dull will work too, just a bit more effort) needle and divide the yarn. On the purl bumps divide the bump itself and on the knit stitches divide one leg of the knit stitch and then move on to the next purl bump. Work it in this way for 1 1/2 inches or more and I don’t think it will come out or show on the right side.

If it needs to look perfect on both sides maybe you should work the ends into the seam allowance. That will make the seam a little more bulky, but hopefully all right.