How to Wash handknit creations

I’ve created a baby blanket out of Bernat Baby Coordinates Yarn.
What’s the best way to wash the blanket? I want to make sure it does not stretch or tear. Can I machine wash it? How about woolite? :shrug:

What is the yarn made of? Acrylic? Wool? If it’s acrylic, it’s probably machine wash/dry. I just finished a little sweater in an acrylic baby yarn and washed it on gentle/handwash cycle with woolwash and then dried in on low. It turned out fine, but I thought is needed a little blocking to get everything to lie flat and look like new. A steam iron held over the sweater (not touching) and a towel on top of the sweater got it back into perfect shape.

the content is as follows: 75.2% Acrylic - 22.2% Acetate - 2.6% Nylon.

When you dry it on low, does it always have to be blocked? What other detergents are best?

I’d us a baby detergent, wash on gentle, dry on low. I don’t find I need to block my acrylic blend items.

I made an afghan from that when I first started knitting and I could wash and dry it in the machines - on delicate. :slight_smile:

s I said, I only blocked the sweater to make sure everything was “flat” and in the right position. I was giving it as a gift and wanted it to look nice. I assume that it wouldn’t be necessary for an afghan. And if the item had been for me, I might not have bothered with the blocking/steaming.

:notworthy: Thank you everyone for the advice!

I have one more question, when is it necessary to hand wash your handknit creations? Whichis better? Handwashing or machine washing?..oops, I guess those are a few last questions instead of just one… :oops:

It’s always been my understanding that acrylic stretches in the wash and you are supposed to dry it in the dryer to get it back to shape. I don’t remember where I read this, though.

I always hand wash my wool and non-superwash fibers or else they’ll shrink and felt.

Bumping this because I am DETERMINED to get my first real wool project done right.

I had to frog my baby cardi back three inches this morning (painful!) but I’m knitting away, and might stay up late enough to swatch for the project in my queue. I’ve read Knitty’s article on swatching, so I’m going to run with that. My question is how to wash the swatch, and later, how to wash the cardigan. I’m using Patons Classic Wool (with the Merino ball band) so I know I’m going to have to hand wash.

I went around looking for woolwash last night, and none of the big box stores had it. Am I going to have to go to a LYS? The closest one is a good 30 miles away. Or is there a substitute, like Woolite? Is it best to wash in cold water? Tepid? Add soap and swish around not too hard? I feel kinda dumb, because I’ve never owned a handwash item before, at least that I treated properly.

Woolite works just fine. I use tepid to warm water for 100% wool, depending on the color and if it’s really dirty. Using warm water won’t shrink the wool. It’s the agitation and heat (as from a drier) that really causes felting. So if you want to use warm water, that’s fine, just be gentle with your fabric.

I generally let mine soak from 15 to 30 minutes depending, again, on how dirty it is. Then I give it a few swishes and a thorough rinsing. I roll it up in a towel to get out the excess water (depending on how big the item is, I might have to repeat this several times). If I have a spot that’s dirty and I can’t get it out, I rub it gently with some woolite and try to get it out that way. (If you do that, you should test the colorfastness of your yarn first).

Then, I lay flat to dry.

Thank you! Just what I needed to know! The color is going to be black, so I’m going to be on the lookout for dye bleed, but this is commercial yarn, not that that’s any guarantee.

No it’s not really, but I’ve actually used Patons merino and I have never had it bleed, so I think you’ll be in good shape. I haven’t used black, but I have used a dark brown and an olive green and the color held up fine.

Marria, when you lay your items flat to dry, what do you typically dry them on? I’ve heard that some folks dry on a plastic bag, some on couches and mattresses, some use those flat sweater dryers. I’ve been knitting quite a few items in 100% wool, and at some point I’ll have to wash them…

The yarn normally tells you what to do…if you hand wash, then you need to hang dry…if you machine wash, machine dry…mainly for acrylics. If it’s wool, DON’T machine wash.