How to use yarn bought for abandoned project

Hi, While traveling I bought cotton yarn (23 sts x 30 rows =4”) for a lace pattern that I’ve abandoned. (Don’t ask!!!).

I wanted to make a simple cropped sweater, but can’t seem to find a pattern. Is there a way to find patterns by gauge? I couldn’t figure it out on Ravelry.

Thanks for any advice!

Have you tried an advanced search on Ravelry? Right under the Pattern Search box is a link to Advanced Search. If you scroll down in the search there’s a category for Yarn Weight. You can at least come close to your gauge that way. And of course you can also look for sweaters and probably cropped at the same time.
Good luck in your search!

I quite like Drops patterns, there are several drops yarns listed at the gauge you have. Maybe you could use their site to search for patterns specifically in each of those yarns of the same gauge?

I’ve never done it this way so can’t comment if it’s easy or accurate in the way their site lists the patterns.

Thanks, wasn’t sure how to use Advanced Search. Will try today!

Thanks! Discovered they actually list gauge with some photos! Think I’ll find something. Thanks again!

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