How to use the "quote" function

I’ve been playing around trying to use the quote function but I haven’t figured out how it works. :?? Help please?

I always just press Quote and it lets me reply with their message in quotations.

Do you mean you want to quote like I just did here? If so then you just click on “quote” at the bottom of the msg. If you mean the little quote icon that looks like a bubble with text in it that is for quoting something else. Like I can click it and then copy and paste or type in anything I want between the tags. Like this:

My name is Jan!


OOOOh. I wondered about how to do that but was afraid to ask. :woohoo:

I never use the button but instead just copy the text and paste it between the word quote in brackets and the word /quote in brackets.

There are always more than one way to do something…:teehee: