How to use circular needles on pattern

I have followed the pattern to 28cm then it tells me to use circular needle to shape sleeve, I’m totally confused, do I need to transfer all stitches to the circular needles?

That’s a pretty top.You can just grab the right size needle and start knitting the stitches off the needle they’re currently on. As I read it the reason for changing needles is to go to a larger size. I’m supposing it specifies circular because of the number of stitches you’ll end up with. HTH

Yes it is, I’m hoping mine will look the same 🫣
So I won’t be knitting in a circle it’s still in a straight line? Sorry to sound silly but I only have one circle needle so what happens when I finish the row?
Thank you so much for your help.

You don’t sound silly at all. I remember wondering the same thing. I see no mention of joining for in the round so I think you’ll still be working flat. I’ll attach a video link to show how to knit flat on circs but you just change hands with the tips and keep on knitting. It’s easy to forget to turn the work and when that happens you have to undo the knitting back to where you didn’t turn. If you have straight needles long enough and prefer them you could use straights.

We love photos of knitters’ work so if you’d care to share please do.

Thats brilliant, makes sense, thanks again will send photo once finished! Thanks again


Yes, you’ll need to transfer all stitches to the circular needle to continue shaping the sleeve as per the pattern. This allows you to work seamlessly in the round or accommodate a larger number of stitches