How to unravel knitting that used two yarns?

I have been given a garment that was made up of 2 yarns knitted together. I am trying to unravel this but what a nightmare? Is there any tips for unravelling the 2 knitted together yarns? Hope that makes sense?

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Usually it’s best to unravel the 2 yarn into separate balls even if you’re going to knit with the 2 strands together again. If the garment has been washed and especially if it contains wool, that can be a real problem. The yarns might be better unraveled together.

Don’t worry about separating them until after you’ve undone all the knitting and wound it into a ball. Then you can work on separating them.


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So no easy way to unravel the two yarns from each other? Sounds like a slow process. Best I don’t make plans to re knit in a hurry LOL

Well, “easy” is a relative term. There is much untangling, cutting and swearing involved. (At least around my house).

But it is doable.

Thanks. Sounds like a mindless job for a TV night.