How to understand this pattern

I’m making a beret. CO 80 sts (88 for next size up), 6 rows St st, 6 rows 1x1 ribbing.
What I am having trouble with is this:

Inc rnd : [K1, m1] 48 (24) times and then [K2, m1] 16 (32) times. 144 (144) sts.

I guess what I don’t get is [K1, m1] makes 3 sts right? 3x48 is 144… so I guess I don’t understand what the rest is?


No, k1 m1 is 2 stitches. A m1 is done between stitches. If you want to use kfb, you would do it in every stitch. Then for the k2 m1 it would be k1 kfb.

Ok that makes much more sense! Thank you :slight_smile:

problem is that knitting patterns are written in code and only the esoteric, initiates are prithee to the wisdom … for the rest of us, at least me, learning “the craft” is a very steep ladder journey.