How to understand the yarn over

Hi! I need a little help with these directions:
Row 1:K2, *yo, K2, [U]pass yo over last 2 sts[/U]; rep from * to last 2 sts, K2
Row 2: Purl
Rpt rows 1 & 2 nine times.

My specific questions are the underlined section and also that if the pattern with the yarn over creates extra loops on my needle and the next row is just purling, am I picking up the extra loops so the pattern isn’t continually adding stitches?
Any help is much appreciated!

BTW it is for a raglan wrap if that matters! THANKS!

You do the yo, that gives you a loop on the needle, then you knit to and lift the yarn over over the two stitches you knit after the yo, as if binding off, only you lift it over two stitches. That keeps the stitch count constant. You’re adding a stitch, by doing the yo, but you take it away again, by pulling the yarn over over the stitches.

Thanks so much! That makes a lot more sense to me!

That’s the Pillar St. Check out this thread…

Can you identify this stitch?