How to twist a stitch

Hi everyone,

Can anyone have a look a this pattern and explain to me how to do the twist stitch. Also it seems to be done only in that one row, is this right. I was going to complete the whole set but I’m beginning to think its too difficult.


For one thing, the lighting on the photo is terrible. With the white yarn, you can’t really see the work to try and duplicate it. The wording on this pattern could be better. They make it sound, at first glance, like you’re turning the whole work. You’re really just twisting the two stitches. You would have to be an acrobat to accomplish this the way they tell you to.

Don’t panic. This is cable knitting, but you’re just twisting two stitches at a time instead of four or six like you normally do with a full cable. Here’s a good video about this. It may be easier for you to follow the video for knitting cables without a needle. You’ll have to scroll down to find these two cable knitting videos. Once you see them, this twisted stitch will make sense to you. Sheesh! This is my biggest complaint with these designers. They have great designs, but don’t know how to write instructions simple enough for the average knitter to follow.

Maybe some of the more experienced knitters can give some input here. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I question the use of sock yarn with the size needles called for in this pattern. I think that sock yarn would generally be used with a size 3 or 4 needle. You would have to buy an awful lot of sock yarn to do this whole set, and that can be expensive.

If I were doing this pattern, I would use baby sport weight yarn for this, like Bernat baby sport weight. Just the past few months, I bought this yarn for some of my projects. It comes in large skeins, can’t remember the exact amount because I threw the wrappers away. But I think you could get this done with that yarn more economically. And this Bernat is designed for needles of the size called for in the pattern. I believe you could safely substitute this. And the plus side is that, since the yarn is acrylic and not wool, it could be machine washed. New mothers don’t always have a lot of time when they’re caring for a new baby.

Edit: My thinking is that a size 6 needle might not be appropriate for sock yarn. It may make the work too thin or holey looking. Sock weight yarn is like a fingering weight. Baby sport is like halfway in between a fingering and a sport. A little bit heavier. You might have to go down a needle size for the baby sport. You’d have to check your gauge. What do you think, fellow knitters?

You are actually twisting the whole work around and not just a stitch. On the hat you knit a garter border and then on the twist row when it tells you to, you rotate the left needle tip toward your body then keep rotating it all the way around until it has gone in a full circle and is back in the normal position and then knit the next st to keep it put. Continue across the row rotating the left needle when they tell you to. This literally twists the edge all up. On the hat you only do it on this one row and then you switch to dpns and join and work the hat normally.

I looked at the sweater. On it I think it said to twist the border and then you do the twist also on the neck trim. You cast on the stitches for it, do some garter then twist it and then to attach it to the sweater neck you use a 3 needle bind off.

If you don’t want to do the twists they wouldn’t be necessary. They are a little weird looking to me, but if you want them they are not that hard. The rest of the sweater and hat is normal and you don’t do the twist all over the place. :slight_smile:


I just thought the twisted stitch would make it a little more decorative. I was going to use Bernat softee Baby yarn and do the DK (newborn version). Do you think that would work. I’m not real good at substituting yarn. Maybe I will go ahead and do it without the twisted stitch.


It seems like your yarn choice should work. Do a gauge swatch to be sure you are on the right needles.

Yes, the twist is an interesting edge, something out of the ordinary. Give it a try and see how you like it on the hat.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try and see how it looks, thanks again for your help.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I question the use of sock yarn with the size needles called for in this pattern. I think that sock yarn would generally be used with a size 3 or 4 needle.
I don’t see any where it uses size 6 needles with sock yarn, it’s 3.75mm which is size 5 and I think since this is a bit of a tight stitch, you use larger needles to make it more drapey. The 6s are for DK yarn.