How to Turn Your Work

when you turn your work with dpns is it like knitting an i-cord or do you turn the whole needle around. plz it would be better to give me examples or detailed answers. thx

If I find a link I will post it, but in the meantime…

Turning your work in the middle of the project means to literally turn it and work on the back or inside of the circle.

It would really help us help you if you’d post a link to the pattern or at the very least tell us what you’re making and the name of the pattern if you have it. Also don’t post the entire pattern here since that’s a copyright violation, but you can post the specific part you are having trouble with.

i’m making a giraffe,here is the part that i need help on

Continue for ears
Now knitting ear portion, this will be knit back and forth on 8 sts
Row 1: K4, turn.
Row 2: P8, turn.
Row 3: K8, turn.
Row 4: P8, turn.
Repeat rows 3-4 once more. Pull a 60cm (24 inch) length of the light colour yarn halfway through the last stitch of needle 3 and first stitch of needle 1. Leave it there for later.
Repeat rows 3-4 three more times.