How to turn work

I am making my first sweater vest. When it came time to make the arm holes, the directions said to knit half way around on my circular needle, place the other half of stitches on a stitch holder, and turn the work (and then BO 5 and purl). I’m not sure exactly what turning the work means - can anyone clarify?

Just what it sounds like. Turn it around so you’re looking at the back of the work. You bind off five stitches to make part of the underarm, then purl across to wherever the pattern says. You’ll be turning from right to wrong side and back to right at the end of every relatively short row while you make the upper part of the vest.

Turn the needle and knitting just like you do at the end of a row. You’re going to work back and forth, just like flat knitting.

Thanks! So do I turn it inside out and work, or do I keep the right side facing out and simply switch the needles (right needle to left hand and vice versa) ?

Switch the needles.

yeah, just switch hands that the needles are in.
What was in your right hand goes to your left hand and what was in you left hand goes to you right.