How to 'turn work inside out' for a cuff

Hi there,
I am doing a top down sock with a cuff, and it says to turn my knitting inisde out and continue knitting.
While I understand the concept, I find that my working yarn is now on the [U]front[/U] of my work, so am I going to be ‘knitting going back on the just finished work’ now?
I think it will leave a small hole since for this row I am not doing the continuous knitting in the round… (I’m doing it magic loop - but that shouldn’t matter…)
I don’t know if I made myself clear or not. Let me know anyone who has done this.
Thanks a bunch!

I’m working on a sock right now and just flipped it inside out and it looks like you’re correct, you’d have to go back in the direction you just came from. It seems as if it would be easier to just start purling and keep the sock right side out to do your cuff.

No you don’t have to go back, just flip the cuff through the middle of the needles and start knitting as you normally do, with the yarn on the right needle and the tips away from you. It’s what many newbies to circular knitting do inadvertently.

Thanks so much for the confirmation. I didn’t want to continue until I knew for sure. I hate tinking!

Someone else just replied to a poster who was knitting inside out and gave this link to how to flip your work