How to "turn the work" in the middle of a row? Loopy Mango question

Hello! This is my first big knitting project, aside from scarves and loom hats, and I am a little lost at reading my pattern. I am making a “Her Cardigan” from Loopy Mango.

My questions:
Under “Front Right, continue from back
Row 67 - K16 and turn the work”

  1. What does “continue from back” mean? Am I now only knitting 16 stitches directly on top of my 38-stitch row? (Won’t this look weird?)

  2. What does “Turn the work” mean?

Under “Front Left (continue from back)
Cast off 6sts”

  1. Right above this section, under the Front Right section, it says Cast off. So where am I casting off 6 stitches from? Aren’t I already completely cast off?

Photos of the pattern, my progress so far, and what the finished cardigan SHOULD look like, are included.

Thank you in advance


Welcome to KH!
The body of this pattern is worked in one piece starting at the bottom of the back, up and over the shoulders and then down the fronts. The back is not bound off and so the fronts are continued from the back and connected to it.

For the right front, K16 and then turn as you would at the end of a row. You’re only going to work on those 16sts for the RF. Ignore the other sts on the left needle for now. They’re for the back neck and left front.

The cast off at the end of the section on the RF is the cast off at the bottom of the front. The 4rows before the cast off are in K2,P2 rib like the beginning of the back.

Once you’ve finished the RF, it’s time to go back to the LF and the back neck. These are the sts sitting on the needle that you ignored while you worked the RF. Cast off 6sts for the back of the neck and continua with the remaining 16sts.

Thank you for the welcome and thank you SO MUCH for the insight! I am trying to teach myself to knit, essentially. I don’t want to go sit in a store with some stranger hovering over me and telling me what to do, haha. Anyway, I will soldier on… and probably be back with more questions as I continue. THANK YOU!

It’s a wonderful pattern, how exciting. I noticed that your pattern gives a URL for video tutorials which might explain any confusion in the directions.

I suspect that you are doing short rows to shape the shoulders. They are done in a method like socks called “work and turn” which involves wrapping a stich, and progressively knitting fewer and fewer until you reach the point where you pick them all back up. It is useful to know.

Turning a heavy sweater can be a chore. If you know how to knit back backwards, there are many videos on YouTube about this and I really have found this technique useful from bobbles to Entrelac and even cables where I can work only on the front and be able to see the pattern. I find I don’t have to frog so much.

Knitting backwards can avoid purling as it gives many people headaches, but for me knitting backwards gets rid of the annoying rowing out which seems to target Continental knitters more than Throwers.

I do both, so I chose the style which suits the pattern and plow ahead.

Good luck.