How to translate gauge into size

I am fairly new to knitting and need help in how to determine the finished size by using the gauge. The pattern I’m trying to knit (Breezy Baby Blanket from Pickles) says that 4"=14 stitches using a DK weight yarn and US size 8 needles. Now my math may be way off, but if I am reading it right, according to that and the number of stitches that are cast on (96) the finished width will be 27". They say it will end up at 45". How do I figure all this out??? :???:
I want to make this bigger so need to get it right. :slight_smile:

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Yes, the cast on of 96sts will give you about 27" in width. I didn’t see dimensions given for the finished blanket but several of the knitters on Ravelry increased the cast on (136sts or about 39"). That’s a better size for a baby blanket. Any multiple of 10sts + 6sts will work.

You can add more stitches if you wish a wider blanket, though maybe going up a needle size will make one about 30" wide which is a good size for a baby blanket. But so is 27" so 96 sts will work too. I didn’t see sizes given, maybe the 45" you saw was someone who cast on a lot more stitches, or that was the length.

Thank you for the quick responses.
I am going to try and make this about 60" wide. Given that and the gauge I will need to cast on 216 stitches or there about?
Now to tackle the question of how much yarn to buy!!!
So much easier making a scarf where you only need one skein :slight_smile:

Perhaps this calculator will help you figure out how much yarn to buy.