How to tell if I finished a round?

I’m shaping the top of a beanie hat, and at some point after I switched to the double-pointed needles, I lost my beginning-of-the-round marker. I continued on without realizing, and since I was on a decrease round it was easy enough to tell when I’d finished that round. But now I’ve started on the in-between knit round, and I can’t tell if I finished it or not! I managed to find the beginning by tracing from the cast-on tail, but that doesn’t tell me if I finished the knit round or not. Does anyone know how to tell? I’m afraid to start on the next decrease round if I haven’t finished this one. Please help!

I use the tail from the cast on usually. I also use markers for the decreases. If it helps put a different colored marker on the last or first decrease so you’ll know where you are. You could also put a safety pin or locking marker at the end of round.

At this point you can look at your stitches and see about where the last decrease was, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Just go to that spot you’d think it’s correct and put a pin. Then start your next round.

Thank you! I somehow managed to figure it out, and the hat is now finished and looks great. :slight_smile: