How to tell, how to tell

Is there a quick test I can do to find out if some yarn that has lost it’s labels is actually wool? want to have a bash at dying with food colouring and don’t want to have it all wash out!

Light a match to it. If it poofs into ash, it’s wool; if it melts together it’s acrylic. Or dye a bit and see what happens.

You can also cut off a small snip and put it in bleach. Wool will dissolve in bleach.

The quickest way to see if it’s wool is to put a couple pieces of the yarn in the palm of your hand, get them wet, and rub them together very fast. If the two pieces of yarn felt together, then you know it’s an animal fiber.

Yep, that’s what I was going to say. Try ‘spit’ felting the ends before setting it on fire. :lol: Of course it could be washable wool in which case this won’t work.

Exactly, Jan! :thumbsup:

hmm, i’ll have a go at one or all of those, thanks for your help!!:knitting: