How to teach my 7yo?

My ds really wants to learn to knit. He has fine motor skill delays and we have been told knitting would be a great exercise for him. I was told that single cast on would be easiest for him and it does seem to work but when we went to knit the stitches seemed too tight. So he did it again, then I did it and still they are just hard to get the needles under. What can I do differently? He is frustrated and so am I.:wall: We are using plymouth encore and size 8 bamboo needles is this ok? I really want him to get the success.

With my granddaughter we started with her sitting in my lap and doing the “throwing” part …

In through the front door
Around the back (this part is what she did for me)
Through the window
Off jumps Jack …

Now she is knitting but … I cast on and knit several rows and she starts from there. She is also seven and has been knitting for a while and still does not cast on for herself.

I also have a kids knit group at school, a little older, starting at third grade and when they get to a point where they want to cast on, I teach them the knitted cast on … because they already know the knit stitch AND because the thumb cast on is REALLY HARD to knit the first row.

When they are learning I always start them with a piece that has been cast on and several rows knitted … that way they can be sucessful very quickly. Some of them will be ready to learn long tail this year. Maybe.

I also teach adults from an already started piece … then teach cast on later.

Thanks Debbie!
That makes sense. The sitting in my lap and everything will really work. We will start Mon when the heat is gone. I can’t imagine hot house, hot body and no a/c. But this heat is suppose to be leaving and I will start him then. Thank you so much.

Cam I say from my teaching background and getting advice from child specialists from time to time re gross and fine motor skills, that there would be no problem initially in you doing the cast on and even working the first row and the little one then taking it from there. Great idea for the child to sit on your lap! They can watch what you do but it can be invaluable if having persistent problems with one area or issue, to move past that so the child obtains a feeling of success and then return to this later. Mind you, you may now find the issue resolved with the suggestions you’ve already received.

Metal needles may be better because they slip, however, that slip can also lead easily to dropped stitches so perhaps stick with what you have but go up a couple of needles sizes and do some giant stitches. Make a dishcloth for a giant and that may sound fun.? :slight_smile:

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I am sorry, I didn’t read all the previous posts ahead of me.

Just wanted to quickly add my 2 cents. Hope I am not duplicating someone else’s good tips!

I taught my 8 yr-old granddaughter to knit. She did really well! However, I didn’t teach her to cast on. That can wait.

We used super chunky yarn and size 10 bamboo circs.

I taught her plain knit stitch ONLY.

Let the child master the “feel” of knitting before progressing to purl.

I cast on 8 stitches…and did two rows for her, while she watched.

She took it from there.

The super chunky yarn combined with the garter stitch created a very nice scarf, of which she is very proud!

We knitted 2 hours at a time, no more, total of 3 lessons throughout her Spring Break.

I taught her to count her stitches at the end of every row…to make sure she didn’t drop a stitch, or create a stitch somehow.

She is doing fine.

If she requests it, I will teach her more at a later time! So far, she is happily “knitting” away at this scarf!

My DD tells me she see Fiona knitting a row or two from time to time…on her own.

I gave her a knitting bag/stand that belonged to my mother-in-law…and told her that it is hers to keep, along with the bamboo circs and crochet needles (supplies from me) IF SHE DECIDES that knitting is something she wants to continue! I put a photo of her great-grandmother in the pocket of the bag. Her great-grandmother died before she was born.

So far, so good. It would be nice to have another knitter in the family! So far, it is just me. :shrug: