How to tbl

Hello, my name is Gail. I have a question on how to do a stitch. It says to knit through the back loop (KBL) How do I do this

this should help and there are videos too

As each stitch sits on a needle there is a front leg (or loop) and a back leg (or loop) normally when knitting a stitch the needle is inserted into the front loop.
when doing a Ktbl insert the needle into the back leg in a motion similar to purling (i think of it as being inserted top to bottom but others describe it as right to left) wrap the yarn around pull through and slide off as normal.

It creates a twisted stitch. tbl is also a technique used as an increase when paired with a normal knit stich and is knows as Kfb (or knit front and back) in which both the front and back leg of a stitch are worked.

The knitting glossary here has some videos of that - this is how I figured out that my guess on p2tog tbl was right. :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this too! I wanted to start an afghan for myself (working one for DH currently) and it had a lot of knit (and purl) through the backloop. I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference.