How to switch to right side

I don’t know how but I’m knitting on the wrong side, how do I switch back to the right side? Thanks

You’re knitting on straight needles and the pattern is showing the wrong side? You may have skipped a row or put in an extra row. You can locate the extra or missing row, take the knitting out to that row and re-do. Alternatively you can add in a row now to get you to the right side and knit from there.
What is the name of your pattern?
It may help in future to periodically put in a lifeline and to put a marker or yarn loop on the right side of your knitting as a reminder of right side/wrong side.
Here’s a how-to for lifelines:,for%20one%20reason%20or%20another.

I’m knitting on circular needles and yes the pattern is showing on the wrong side, I will definitely put in a marker from now on… I should have stopped earlier but to get back to having the right side face me, how do I know which row to do-thanks.

What is the name of your pattern?
Are you knitting in the round on the circular needles or back and forth?
If you’re knitting in the round you may be able to just flip the knitting inside out.
If you’re knitting back and forth, you could add in an extra row if that won’t disrupt the pattern too much. Just work across the current row, knitting the V stitches and purling the bumps.

I’m knitting a baby blanket ,“Simple Lines baby blanket” on circular needles back and forth. I will try adding an extra line, since I have so many stitches undoing what I have is a little daunting.

Very pretty baby blankets. Yes, adding in a row to get to the right side should work just fine. If you want you can repeat the reversed rows on the other end of the blanket or just leave them as a design feature as is. It going to be lovely.

If you put your knitting down part way through a row it is possible to pick it up the wrong way when you come back to it. It’s preferable to try to finish a row before putting it down but that’s not always possible.
When you come back to knitting part way through a row the working yarn needs to be attached to the stitch on the RIGHT needle. This is the case regardless of which hand you hold your yarn in (unless you are left handed and knit left handed). If it’s not attached to that stitch try turning the work around.
When you are at the very beginning of a row the working yarn will be attached to the stitch on the left needle.

It might also help to write on your pattern which row is the RS (right side, the side we view) of the blanket and which is the WS (wrong side). Some patterns state this on some of the rows but not all. Then you can check on the pattern if you are RS or WS and make sure yourbRS marker or loop is positioned accordingly.

There’s a chance you knitted part of a row, accidentally turned the work and knitted the same part again. It looks like 2 V shape knit stitches on the left of the photo and perhaps 4 on the right of the photo which could indicate this side has been worked more times.

Hopefully you are back on track now.
Enjoy your knitting. I love the colour you have chosen.

Thanks for your help.

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