How to switch to a new colour mid row

Hi! I’m fairly new to knitting and I’ve decided on creating somewhat of an ambitious pattern for my skill level. I’ve basically held down a stockette stitch with some garter/knit stitch rows. However, for my next piece, I’d like the middle of the squares (the stockette stitch bit) to be a different colour. How do I go about switching colours? Is that even possible??

I hope whatever I described makes sense!

Your knitting looks very nice! To knit a color in the middle you’d need to use intarsia which involves carrying multiple yarns and twisting them on the back so you don’t have a hole. Here’s a simple video. There are a lot of them on You Tube and even one here in KH.

Thanks! I’m kind of OCD with the knitting lol.

I’m kind of confused how to go from knit stitch to purl switching colours…

Hmm…I’ve never actually done intarsia so I’ll tag someone who may have.

You would finish the knit stitch in color 1 with the yarn in back (as usual). Drop the yarn strand and bring the new strand of color 2 from the back to the front to purl the next stitch. The tail of color 2 will be hanging on the back.

After a few rows or when you finish you can snug up the sts, cross the two tails and weave each one in. I check on the front of the work to make sure I’ve closed up any hole when I do this.

Thanks @salmonmac and @Jan_in_CA! I think I figured it out. Kind of messed up the first couple rows, but it still looks alright!

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That looks terrific! Good for you.

Yes it does look great. What mess up? I don’t see a problem. :wink::blush::face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That looks great!!