How to switch sizes with circular needles

I am knitting a hat using a pattern that starts with size 9 and switches to size 10 after finishing the ribbing. I have a set of circular knitting needles but they are interchangeable. I understand how to switch over if I had individual size 9 and 10 needles, but not how to switch over with interchangeables. Do I need to go out and buy an individual size 10?

Thank You for the help

If u have size 10 tips, all u have to do is unscrew the size 9s and then screw in the size 10s.


ah that is quite simple! I wasn’t sure if the stitches would come off, but I am assuming if I can push them down far enough it shouldn’t be a problem. Thank You!

In fact, if you’re working in the round you only need to change the right tip. The left tip just gets the stitches where you can work them and the size isn’t important. If you’re a tight knitter this can really make decreases easier too.