How to switch colors within a pattern

I am working a crochet pattern that directs me to switch colors without finishing off. Do I just finish off after each color switch or is there a trick I don’t know about? Thanks for your help!

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What pattern are you using? If they say to switch without finishing off, then you will probably carry the first color along the piece and pick it up later. Is it a totally sc pattern? That’s usually what they do. If it’s an online pattern, post the link.

When changing colour, typically, you work the stitch as normal with the colour you’re using, but instead of pulling the last loop through (in preparation to work the next stitch or to turn) with the same colour, you pull it through with the new colour. Make sure you leave enough of a tail to weave in when you’re done.

Here is the link I have.
This is a pattern for a dog sweater. Thanks for your help!! :muah:

Ok. Your pattern assumes you know how to switch colors so you have a couple of choices. you can switch and finish off the way alleusion described and then tuck in several ends later. Or you can switch colors and not cut the “old” color. With each row, carry it up and twist it around your working color on the inside of the sweater where it won’t be seen. You only work about 2 rows between color changes, so the strand won’t be very long. Just remember to keep it snug so it’s not flopping around in there and not too tight so as to pucker the sweater. I would recommend carrying the yarn up the rows so you don’t have 10 and a half million ends to tuck in later. I hope this makes sense.