How to stop the curling edges

How do I keep my edges from curling? I am doing like the video on this site and giving the one little pull, but, is it too tight or something? Pattern

If you take a look at that picture you’ll see that the edges are curled on the sample image, too. If you really don’t want curling you’ll have to do more rows of garter stitch along the edge…maybe 5.

They don’t really bother me, just thought it would be a problem when I went to join the edges. Well, I won’t worry about it.

You know, I didn’t realize it was knit in strips. :doh: I agree the curling edges would be annoying for seaming, but unless you change the pattern to add more garter I’m not sure it’ll change. If you are using wool you could try blocking it, but I don’t know how well the Wool Ease blocks since it has so much acrylic. :think: