How to stop edges from curling?

Hello! I am working on a scarf for my son for christmas. I’m a new knitter and I have finished a few other basic projects (scarf, scarf, and scarf). This is the first time I’ve done any kind of pattern - I’ve just been knitting stockinette.

I’m using alpaca on #11 needles. The pattern is 15 stitches across, K/P rows 1 -6, K 7-10, then repeat. It kinda makes a stripe.

It’s looking swell but the edges are curling. I saw another post about stopping the ends from curling but my ends are okay, it’s the edges. Before I go any further I was hoping to get some advice.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Stockinette has a tendancy to curl on the edges no matter what you do. Check out the sticky on “Is your stockinette curling” for detailed info, but my best suggestion is to just knit the first and last 3-4 stitches of all rows to give it a gartered edge, this will help prevent the curling.

Yep, that’s the nature of the beast. Do check that sticky post for all kinds of ideas.