How to stay on RS when knitting flat w/circulars

I am knitting a bonnet, and the pattern says to knit the brim flat on circular needles. I get that; but now I have a row with a star pattern on the RS of the work with a contrasting color. That’s done, and now pattern says, “Do not turn work, change back to main color and start a new row on RS”.
How do I do that on circular needles? Do I slide the stitches or??? I have googled this with nothing but “how to knit flat with circular needles” as results. I just need to know HOW to not turn the work and to stay on the RS. Please and thanks!!

Welcome to KH. What is the name of your pattern and the designer? It sounds like you will slide the stitches to the other end of the circular needle as you said.


I agree with GG, pull left needle to end and right needle will be again on beginning of row on RS. Take MC and start knitting. Nice pattern btw. Happy knitting

Thank you both! I think it was really a matter of overthinking. So I slid the stitches and there you go - amazing! It worked. Knitting is so much a learn-as-you-go craft, but thankfully there’s help available on great sites like this. Sometimes thinking out loud helps a lot too! :smile:


I’m glad you are on your way with your bonnet. We do try to help. We’ve all needed help before and will again. Happy knitting!

Great to hear you are back on track.
You are right, there is so much to learn as you go and having a place to think out loud is a massive help. Just those little tips or nods that in the past might have been passed down from one generation to the next when there was an experienced knitting in the house - this community is great for tips, helping with tricky bits, and encouragement.

I used this same method when I worked a fairisle pattern flat and realised I could work from either end of my needle depending where my next colour was.

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