How to stash more yarn? Pretend it's ornaments :)

Just random holiday and yarn related craft from Michael’s :slight_smile:’s-Ornament-and-Yarn-Wrapped-Ornament/e04793,default,pd.html?start=163&cgid=projects-seasonsandcelebrations-christmas

Aww those are cute!

I made this a few years ago. A little more complicated than those, but not hard.

Those are so cute! :slight_smile: We have a small Christmas tree and my kids seem to redecorate it everyday so I don’t bother. At least they treat it as their responsibility :slight_smile:

Haha! :lol: Well, young children do stuff like that. In a few years you’ll be able to make some special ornaments. :wink:

Those are so flippin’ cute! I wish I had all that stuff to make those! I want to get a really small tree this year (we don’t have one since my bf and I just moved in together this summer) to put on top of our bar in the living room, but I don’t have any ornaments to put on it. These would be so cute!

Jen, your tiny little knitting bag has got me drooling! So amazingly adorable! :drool:

Now, Olha!! We don’t NEED more excuses to stash more yarn!!!

But these are cute. Of course, I suspect from the limited amount of traffic I’m seeing on this forum that folks are deep into present making/shopping. I know I am, and who has time to decorate?

Cool idea!:heart: Thanks, Olha! You, too, Jan! :heart: