How to start making socks and do not die trying

I can’t do it… I dont know how many times I have started and frogged, I think I have even knit and frog and the same time… DPN arent for me… :crying:

Edit: Excuse my english if there is any typo and/or grammar mistake… my brain is somewhere else outside my head tonight…

don’t give up! i tried on and off for 2 months and thought i was doomed to a life of cold feet.

silver’s sock tutorial was a great help. i finally stopped “overthinking” them and just followed the pattern and then it all clicked and made sense.

Yes, I agree with you. Silver’s sock class is fab. I kept on getting it wrong til I followed it and now I’m an addict. :XX:

Silvers sock class is the bees knees! I followed it and made my first ever sock. Now I’m on my second… slow but sure =D I do it in between other things. I can’t wait to try the two socks on two circs thing too.

I have been knitting for a LONG time - I can crank out lace shawls , Aran sweaters … what ever you like - I have never tried knitting socks until recently.

Personally - I can see why new knitters try them - they are relatively small projects so they get done quick - but I do not think they are easy projects at all nor would I recommend them as a starter project - but thats just me

If you are not having fun with the socks but you socks at a store and knit a simple summer top

Are you using really long DPN’s for the socks? Using 5" length really makes them much more manageable.

Silver’s Tutorial is great! I highly recommend starting socks with anywhere from a sport to worsted wt yarn & larger needles (size 5-7). When I wanted to learn to knit socks i tried everything so that I wouldn’t have to use dpns…LOL, even 7" circs (RIDICULOUS!!!) Well, I watched this episode of Knitty Gritty & :figureditout: it all made sense! When I watched them actually knitting the socks I understood what was going on, then I read & reread the tips in the show notes. There are also a couple of videos on the site that may be helpful. This tutorial may be helpful, too. I found this article that may also help.
I was scared to death of dpns, then I practiced & realized that you are using 2 needles @ a time, then I was okay with it.

To get used to DPNs, knit mittens in a worsted weight yarn on a size seven or eight. If I can do it, you can do it!

It took me quite awhile to get the hang of it. What actually helped me was learning magic loop. It taught me, through practice, how to hold the needles so I wouldn’t get ladders. You CAN learn, just keep going!

I will give it another try… following step by step the tutorial… I hope I can make it!! I really want to have socks made by me… :XX:

:smiley: Please don’t give up, if you are at all like me…all of a sudden it will be exactly like this: :figureditout: and it will all click :wink:

Just wanted to post some more support to the original poster - you can do it! You got some really great advice here. I know DPNs can be intimidating at first … I felt it was like doing a really hard math problem when knitting with them.

But, DPN projects and socks are really fun once you can do it. Be patient with yourself, don’t be afraid to knit really slow until you get the hang of it.

PLEASE stick with it. Socks can be so much fun. You will love wearing them and they make the best gifts. Hang in there…it’ll suddenly click!


Tonight is the night!!

I will start again when I come back from work… I am really excited!!! :happydance:

:smiley: YAY for you…good luck & remember…have fun :wink:

We’ll be thinking of you and sending good sock-knitterly vibes your way tonight!

I’m a newbie to sock knitting myself with only seven pairs, but believe me, this will be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable skills you’ll ever master. And you will master it! DPNs start out feeling alien and awkward for a lot of us, but I promise that by the time you are knitting your first sock’s sweet little partner, you will be comfortable and thrilled by the ability to work rounds with four or five pointy sticks!