How to start knitting again?

I was born to crochet,lol but I want
to get better at knitting. I have found out English style is better for me because by hands don’t hurt nearly as much.But I don’t know where to begin or what to make so I can get good fast at it.

Good for you for keeping at it! It’s good to learn new things!

We have videos here in KH. At the top of the page click the video link and you’ll see different sections…choose the one you’re interested in and there are videos for both english and continental. The tips page has a ‘demo of a small project’ that is also helpful.

There are also some good still pictures on the Knit Picks Community site that are very helpful when a video isn’t enough.

I suggest some smooth, light colored, worsted weight yarn and about size US 8 or 9 needles to start. Just cast on about 30-40 stitches or so (videos for that, too) and start knitting and then learn to purl and keep practicing on that till your tension gets better and you’re more comfortable with knitting in general. Then you can move on to a pattern.

I would recommend that as well.

Choose a smooth yarn, something that doesn’t split easily. You’ll save yourself from frustration.
No thin yarn to begin with. Something you have a good grip on. Something not too expensive either.
The stitches are easier to see with light colored yarn, so that’s a good tip from Jan as well.
I would recommend something with a bit of elasticity as well (no cotton or the likes), as it would be easier in the beginning. Even though you could argue about this. Just my opinion.

My first project, to learn knitting, was a long long scarf. First, I just knit every stitch, then I learned to purl and purled a few rows, then combined purls and knits into different patterns.
And so forth. Each time you feel you master the preceding technique well enough, you move on to learn something different.

It will make a nice souvenir as well, even if it looks a bit strange.

If you already know about the basics, I would recommend dishclothes. There are so many pattern that you’ll be sure to find something matching your actual skill level. (from easy to intricate)
They are easy and fast to do, and if you make a mistake, it’s not so bad.