How to start knit night

I am interested in hearing how others have started knitting clubs, or other get togethers . I am interested in starting one but am hesitant. any sugestions??:aww:

Do you know anyone who knits? Anyone who wants to? I taught two friends and a neighbor to knit (all at different times), I had one friend who knew how. We all need a break from families sometimes, so we get together two Sundays a month at the local Tea Shop (yup, they only sell tea) and we knit. Others come sometimes, people drop by, the shop workers love us.

You could check with your local LYS, or college, I’ll bet you could find knitters at both…or at a local old folks home. See if they would like someone to come in (you maybe) and volunteer to sit with older folks and knit.

A few months ago, I noticed that in my Barnes and Noble there was a group of women that knit in the cafe area every Frifay night. Finally after weeks, I went over and introduced myself and asked if I could join them. They are so nice and fun and I have been meeting every Friday night with them for the last 2 months. It is so nice to get together with other people that knit. Some of them are amazing knitters so it is so nice to have others “in person” when you are having a problem.
Did you try posting on any of the knitting websites for knitters in your area??? I know on Ravelry there is a group called Long Island knitters and they always have times posted for meetups.
I do not know how they started my group - I can find out tomorrow, but it is worth doing it if you can find the people - I really look forward to now every week.

I put a msg on Knitter’s Review and a few people responded and we agreed to meet at a local Starbucks on a certain day. We met there for about a year, but have now migrated to the LYS on Friday nights. Check your LYS and see if they have a social knitting night, too.

I hosted a “Learn to Knit” workshop at my house for all the ladies in my local alumnae group, and out of those that came, 2 really caught on to knitting, so now we meet once a month at a local cafe just to hang out and work on whatever projects we’ve got on the needles. We encourage other friends to come as well, and sometimes they join us, but we’re usually only 4 people. But it’s still fun, and we get lots of comments from people noticing what we’re doing!

Sorry, I’m so excited. I saw your post and thought, “Hey, maybe someone can provide info on this since I’m in the process of doing the same thing”.

I can tell you what I’ve done so far and why I’m doing it this way. Our LYS has a knit and bitch night and another group meets at our local Hastings. I have been asked to go to both, but I haven’t. I’m not a “beginner” beginner, but more of an “advanced” beginner. I feel like I’ll walk in and everyone will be so much further than me.

Anyway, I taught a friend and she’s hooked. We started talking and decided to start a knit and chat group thru our church. We’re trying to involve people we know who definitely knit (even if they are beginners) and people who want to learn. We are also trying to find a few “advanced experts”. We are trying to get a variety of ages - from college to late 80’s. I had one older lady last night specifically ask me if young women would be there because she wanted to be around young women.

So, I think we’re going to start next Thursday night. I’m going to make up invitations and give them to the women we know of for sure on Sunday. Knitters know knitters and so I figure one or two of them probably know others who would be interested.

So far, I think we have about 8 women - pretty good for just talking to a few people.

One of the things I thought of having with this group is a swap every few months. New knitters would definitely benefit from this because they don’t have much when they first get started. Also, I have ton of yarn that I “had to have”. (How many of us do that???) and swapping for other yarn that someone else “had to have” will be fun.

In addition, I think we’ll have each of us bring a fingerfood.

We are currently going to alternate houses for a while until we grow bigger and then we’re going to approach our pastor to see if we can use a room at our church. We live in a town of app. 100,000. So, we’re not a huge town, but we’re not small. I think by starting in our homes and moving around, it is not a big stress for any one individual. Plus, we’re kinda hoping that our pastor will see this as a good ministry for the women in our church and agree to let us use a room down the road.

I hope that gives you a few ideas and if anyone has any more, we would both appreciate it. Thanks everyone!

[*]Nice to hear from everyone :grphug:I appreciate everyones input perhaps I will post in the newspaper. Thank you to all[/ul]