How to Start a Playgroup?

I posted a message yesterday about feeling a little “friendless” and cdjack gave me a great idea by looking on “”. Never knew this site existed and have been perusing is today. There are close to 50 moms/couples looking for playgroups for their young children, but there is no meetup for our area. I think I would like to take this task on. I mean, if I want to make some new friends, I have to get out there and it doesn’t seem like anyone else is stepping up.

For those of you who participate in playgroups or get-togethers, how do they work? Where do you hold them? How often do you meet? What activities do you do?


My playdate experience has varied. I would say especially since you are meeting all new people I would meet up at a neutral place like a park. We haven’t ever bothered to have specific activities we just let the kids play. The hardest part will be if you work during the day because all of my playgroup experiences have been with SAHMs and I have never really heard of an evening playdate ykwim? Weekends would be good too though. I would just put up a listing for a local park and pick a time prior to lunch so any kids still napping can go without missing nap. Good Luck.

Our local school system, at the time, had Mommy and Me groups. In those, we met and mingled and set up further play dates. You might want to check out what your schools or parks offer.

I was lonely too when DD#1 was about 1y. I stumbled into Moms Club and have been a member for 6 years now. It’s basically a bunch of moms in your area/neighborhood that get together and do activities with their kids – park playdates, grocery store tours, craft and story time, zoo trips, etc. It varies by chapter, but they usually have a Moms Night Out once a month (no kids, unless nursing of course) for dinner or a movie or something. My club has playgroups by age/area as well as sub-interest clubs, like book club, recipe club, scrapbooking, etc. It’s pretty awesome in my opinion and while I initially joined to expose my daughter to playmates it really has been as much or more for me – mommy friends and support and advice.

I also like that Moms Club is a national non-profit organization. There is usually some type of annual charity project and some nominal yearly fee ($15ish) to cover newsletter and calender expenses (yes an activity calendar is organized and sent out every month). I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how genuinely nice Moms Club people seem to be. At least my group (40+ women) has very little in-fighting or cattiness or anything. I can’t say the same for my informally organized neighborhood “moms group” – they are very clicky and back stabbing and catty – so much so I decided I was better off without them.

check it out:

just go the “Chapter Links” page to see if there is one in your area, but keep in mind that not all chapter have websites, so you can also email your info via the website and they will reply with who in your area you need to call.

Totally try it! I’m so glad I did!!