How to Spot a Knitter in a News Story

As I was driving in to work this morning I heard a piece on the radio about how people are bundling up for the cold back east. They interviewed one woman and she said she had on an undershirt, long sleeve t-shirt, a [I]cabled knitted sweater[/I], a coat . . . and then they trailed off. Me thinks me hear the tell tale signs of a knitter in that piece. Why? Because the only clothing object she was specific about is the cabled knitted sweater - the rest was just general descriptions like t-shirt or coat :roflhard:


good pick-up! :wink:

That is too funny!!!

And your post indicates the same just by noticing that! LOL!

Yep, I think you called that one right! Those cables didn’t get there in a factory!

LOL!! very observant, you are no doubt correct!

I’ll bet you’re right! :slight_smile:

Wow! Good sense of comprehension. (sorry if spelled incorrect) I think that you may be right.

talk about observant :slight_smile: