How to split work

I’m working on my first knitting project, a simple throw. The pattern I started with was way too complicated and I just wanted a relaxing knit without having to keep track of stitch counts. I’m about 20 rows into it and it’s just too much to keep on the circular needles. It’s bulky and hurting my hands. How to I get this se tion off the needles and start with a new cast on? I will do it when I’m done with three skeins since it’s six skeins total. I’m surprised the instructions didn’t advocate this.


You could knit this section on to a longer circular needle and keep going. Or you could move these sts onto a length of scrap yarn and save the live sts to join to the next section later. Thread the scrap yarn onto a blunt end needle and pick the sts off the working needle, one or two at a time. When they’re all off, tie the two ends of the scrap yarn together so the sts don’t slip off and save the first section.

So, just move the stitches onto another “holder” which you’re suggesting is scrap yarn. Now my needles are empty so start completely over with cast on? Then how do I get them back together?

It depends on how you want to connect them. If they can go side by side, you can join the two sections with a seam or with mattress st. If you want to knit another section like this one and then join the two sections head to head, you could graft the two sections together or use 3-needle bind off to join.
Can you post a link to the pattern? What length needles are you using?

They need to be connected head-to-head. The pattern called for 121 cast on stitches, then 1 row of knit, then 1 row of K1, SL1, K2, psso, etc., etc. Because this is my first project and I was struggling too much with the psso, I decided to just knit the whole thing. I’m using Lion Brand Homespun wool, so it’s very chunky. I’ve changed colors once to a solid color that I played with by adding a couple of alternating purl rows. In any event, for all intents and purposes, you can say it’s all just knit. I’m using size 10, 29" circular needles, so as you can imagine, with 120 stitches across and bulky wool, I have a very big wad of knitting in that circular space between the needles. :wink:

Try 3-needle bind off when you’re ready to join the two sections. There’s a video under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, under Cast-off. Count your sts when you put the currect section onto the scrap yarn or stitch holder to make sure you haven’t accidentally increased sts.

Thanks for the info. I’ll look that up.

Looks easy. What do I do with the tail I have to cut on the current piece?

Weave the end into the work. Here’s some help with doing that. Good luck with the throw!