How to slip "live stitches" to scrap yarn


I’m making the “easy and top-down” sweater. I’m to a point where the pattern states: “Now is the time to try it on”–slip the stitches to scrap yarn and try it on. My question is, do I cut the yarn from the skein to do this? If not, will my stitches ravel out? I know this sounds simple, but I’m not sure how to do this without losing my stitches. This is my first attempt at knitting a sweater, and, so far, I’ve not had any problems. I just don’t want to make a boo-boo–(I really don’t want to take off these stitches like they say, but I know if I don’t follow the pattern, I’ll be sorry).


Knitaholic :??

No, do not cut the yarn from your skein. Keep that attached and everything as is. What you will do is use an appropriate length of scrap yarn, whatever you have lying around, and using a tapestry needle, thread the stitches one at a time off the knitting needle and onto the scrap yarn. You will then be able to try it on, then when you’re ready transfer the stitches back onto your knitting needles.

Thanks so much, I know this sounded simple, but I just didn’t know how to do this.