How to sl 1 pwise at end of rs and beginning of ws rows

Can someone help me with this. I am knitting the Matthew scarf by Myrna Stahman. (pattern is available on the web)

At the end of each rs row and the beginning of ws rows there is a sl1 pwise in the pattern.

The slipped stitch never seems to get picked up in this pattern and I end up with a loop starting from about 5 rows below where I working.

This is driving me nuts


There’s got to be a mistake in the pattern. The last stitch of a row is the first stitch of the next row. If you slip it every time, you’re right–it never gets worked.

You can slip either the last stitch of each row or the first stitch of each row. Not both. Whichever you decide, stick with it for the entire pattern for consistency.

Thanks Ingrid
That makes more sense :muah: Have just pulled it all out and starting again

Hopefully it will work now

Just figured it out…Myrna reads patterns from both sides

Knitting charts are read from right to left on odd rows and from left to right on even-numbered side rows. So you’re slipping the first stitch of each row, really, whether it’s on the right or wrong side,