How to shrink

Every pattern I see they give a lot to cast on, for like a sock or a glove and I’m trying my first glove with the fingers and I can tell even unfinished that it’s gonna be to big and I wanna know if there’s an easy way to take away a few stitches without it coming out wrong I’ve tried with my socks and if you don’t get to close to it you can’t tell it’s a little off. That’s fine for feet but I want some nice gloves so if anyone can help or give a way to shrink my work I’d really appreciate it.


Ok I can feel you on this one…

I just knit my first pair of gloves about a month ago and have knit everyone in my family a pair since. and a couple more for my self. I didnt want to use a preset pattern so I used this…

I dont use patterns for my socks either…I like the custom fit method

2)measure your foot/hand
3)multiply the result of #2 x #3 = cast on stitches

At this point its a matter of how you want it to fit. you have cast on stitches that will fit your foot/hand comfortably but you may want to adjust that a bit for a looser/tighter fit.

I take %10 off of my CO stitches for my socks because i like a little hug when i walk.
I leave the cast on the same for my glove cuz…well…its just comfy that way.

That pdf was a huge help for me as far as gloves go but i knit socks and they say if you can knit socks then gloves is a no brainer. As it turns out…they’re right.

Are you using the correct weight yarn and needle size? That can greatly affect size.

Here’s a sock formula that might help there.

Did you measure your item and see if it’s got the same sts per inch as the pattern? If there isn’t, you probably knit loose and need to go down in needle size. Or if you use a different weight of yarn, it may be too heavy.

The needles in the pattern are meant to be a starting point - some people knit tight and may need to go up a size or two, some may knit loose and need to go down in size. We all knit differently.

I can try that but I WISH I could breeze through gloves I’ve tried 3 times and everytime I end up messing up and pulling it apart I have a hard time understanding patterns and fingers on a glove are next to impossible for me I don’t get how to start them unless I have visual I’m just confused so I’m still trying and since I’m starting my glove over again maybe I can atleast get a better size.

i can walk u through. pm me.

Libra25 I send you a Private message.