How to short row

Pattern says BO 7 sts at the beginning of next 4 rows, I would like to do it in short rows, to avoid “steps” But don’t know how. If someone could give me and example it would be appreciated :grinning:

What are you knitting? If row count is critical you will have to rip a bit because after you have done all the short rows you will knit at least one row more before binding off.

When you work the row previous to a bind off you simply do a short row turn there where the bind off would have been, leaving those stitches. For example if your instructions say:

Row X+0: P to end of row
Row X+1: BO 7 sts, K to end of row
Row X+2: BO the rest

You do:

Row X+0: P until 7 stitches are left. Do a short row turn (for example wrap & turn)
Row X+1: K until end
Row X+2: P until 7 stitches remains, close the gap according to the short row method (for example picking up the wrap and work it together with the next stitch) and P to end of row.
Row X+3: BO everything.

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Hi engblom, Thank you for your prompt reply, I am knitting a child sweater, and it does not tell me to work short rows or slanted BO’s. But I want to avoid “ steps” so I want to exercise those techniques,I just don’t know how. Example: the patern says” BO loosely 7 sts at the beg of next two rows, then dec 1 st at armhole edges on right side rows till 68 sts remain ( from 86)” the pattern is from Penny Straker # C818 the “ owl sweater “
Thank you again for your help😀

I am too lazy to look up the pattern, but it looks like you bind off 7 stitches for each armhole and there it does not at all make sense to use short rows. You will not find any stairs and it does not make sense to have live stitches there where you will sew the sleeves.

When it comes to short rows, my suggestion is to practice the technique by casting on something like 10-15 stitches, knit a couple of rows and then add short rows. It was like this I practiced how to do short rows and I still do it like this if I find a new method I want to try.

I was going to suggest the sloped bind off technique since you didn’t want a staggered appearance. I don’t think it would really matter for this project but you might find it useful anyway:


Engblom, thanks again for taking the time to explain this to me, you see I know how short rows are done, I just don’t know how to apply it to a sweater pattern, I often knit children vests, sweaters etc. and always struggle with obtaining a “neat”edge around neck & shoulders. Most patterns tell you how much to bind off, but none of them offer the “option” to do it in short rows, or sloped decrease which will offer a neat finish☹️

This is one of the easiest sloped bind offs and one that I like to use:

ETA: Shintoga, I just watched the video you linked to and it’s the same technique. Your video is more recent and clearer. Thanks for finding it!


Excellent example!! Thank you so much!!:+1:

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I recently finished the shoulders of a vest (knitted from an older Patons pattern that used the typical bind off mehod). The yarn I used was fine dark brown, and the bind off method looked dreadful. I am not the most confident knitter but I had to do something. While it took a bit of doing it was definitely worth the effort. I watched 2 videos on these methods: one by Eunny Jang and the other by Cheryl Brunette. Both are wonderful instructors. They were most helpful for me. I recommend you watch them and choose which seems easiest for you.


Thank you for your suggestion. I will watch the videos.