How to sharpen?

I have some size10 bamboo needles that desperately need sharpening, which I have never done. What is the best method?


Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea. My Clover bamboo needles have a finish on them that makes them smooth and they never catch the yarn. My husband tried making some and I bought some cheap ones from China and they were never as smooth matter what we tried.

What brand are they?

The needle shafts are fine but the points are very blunt & that makes it hard to pick up stitches. I was hoping for a quick fix.:-\

This is one reason I have gone to Knitpicks Options. Nice and pointy. Plus I much prefer circs.

Rather than put them in a pencil shapener which may just tear the wood, take a fine grain sandpaper and see if that will help them.

And you can try rubbing them with waxed paper after sanding. It’s worth a shot if they’re too difficult to use now.

The wax paper is a great idea! Don’t have any sandpaper but will try to get some tomorrow. I love the bamboo but hate the blunt tips.

I used to get splinters once in a while with my Clovers. I would smooth them out with a paper board fingernail file. I don’t think you’d want to sharpen the points on these, though. They’re bamboo and they will splinter. If you’re having difficulty with certain stitches, you might try slipping the stitches on the left hand needle to a smaller needle to give yourself more wiggle room. Double points work well for this.

It’s been a while, but I have used fine sand paper on bamboo before. I then used a little wax to smooth the finish. I like Ingrid’s idea of using wax paper.

if you have an emery board maybe try using the fine side. An emery board may give you more control than sand paper