How to shaping sleeve

Hi all knitters, I am now knitting a sweater. According to the attached pattern, can someone guide me how to shape the sleeves? I am working on the XL size.

Hi and welcome!

You start with 45sts for your size and end with 104sts. I would do the ribbing and then increase 5sts, ~evenly spaced over the next row. You’ll have about 79 rows for the increases so you could increase one stitch on [I]each side[/I] every other row 20 times and then one stitch on each side every 4 rows 7 times. That’ll give you increases of 5sts+40sts+14sts=59sts. When you finish the increases, knit even (without increases) until you get the length that you want or 21.25" according to the pattern (79rows).

I’ve never seen a pattern marked “Easy” that had no directions at all for shaping the sleeves. You might drop Royal Yarns a line and let them know.

Hi Salmonmac, thank you so much. Now I can work on it.