how to shape the neck and shoulders of a baby raglan jumper (bottom up) Patons design 8348 Book 838

I started with 107 stitches, cast off 2 each side for beginning of armholes. Then I reduced over how ever many rows until 85 stitches as required. It then says to 1st row: K2 tog. K33 turn 2nd and alternate rows purl. And it goes on decreasing until 17th row K2 tog, K4 turn.
Then it says 19th row: K2 tog. K72 K2 tog. 20th row P34 turn. 21st row K to last 2 sts K2 tog.
I am completeley lost. The first 17 rows would appear to be doing a reduce until 5 stiches - nearly pointy shape. Do they mean you to join thread in where you turned and continue on from there 'cos that’s the only way it makes sense.

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What is the name of your pattern?
Seems that you are working the shoulders and neckline, first one shoulder, then knit across the center neck and finish with the second shoulder. The center sts likely go on hold for a collar or neckband.
Yes, join the yarn strand where you had 85sts on the needle, the “1st row: K2 tog. K33 turn 2nd and alternate rows purl”.

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Patons Book 838 Design 8348 Jumper

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Thank you. Maybe this one.