How to shape neck - Erika Knight's pattern

Hi All,
I started learning how to knit 2 months ago using Amy’s website. It is so helpful and I’m now addicted to knitting! :XX:

I’m currently working on a cardigan (from Erika Knight’s book - Baby Bloom). having trouble knitting the left front. Can someone help? the pattern goes:

Kniting the left front: cast on 24 stiches, work in single rib for 2.5cm, then stocking stitch until 13cm from cast-on edge, ending with wrong side row.
Shape armhole: cast off 2 stitches at beginning of next row, knit to end.
Next row: Purl to last 5 stitches, P2T, P3.
Next row: Knit
Repeat last 2 rows 3 times (18 stiches)
Continue in stocking stitch until work measures 18.5cm from cast-on edge, ending with a right side row.
I’m ok up to this point :thumbsup:

Shape neck (THIS IS WHERE I AM HAVING TROUBLE): with wrong side facing cast off 3 stitches, purl to end (15 stiches)
Continue without shaping until work measure 22cm from cast-on edge, ending with a wrong side row. Cast off.

My question to knitting gurus in this forum, can someon teach me how I decrease 1 stitch at neck edge at next 5 rows? I have the right side of the work facing me, with 15 stiches on it. How do I decrease? Then when I turn to the purl side, how do I decrease? I feel stupid :oops:


The most simplest way of decreasing is to either knit 2 together, (k2tog) or purl 2 together, (p2tog) depending on which side you’re on at the time.

Thank you Boogs. Since there are 15 stiches in the row, in which stich should I k2tog? ie. do I knit the last 2 stiches together or the first 2 stiches together or anywhere in the middle of the row? I suppose I’m curious to know what would give the neatest result, since I have to repeat the decrease for 5 rows.

As you’re shaping the neck then you will be k2tog/p2tog close to the neckline.

I would suggest leaving 1 st between your k/p2tog and the edge of the garment, e.g. k to the last 3 st, k2tog, k1 or k1, k2tog, k to the end of the row.

It will make more sense when you’re actually doing it. :wink:

Thank you! it makes sense.