How to shape armholes for a cardigan

Hello All,
With all the enthusiasum in me, i decided to knit a cardigan for my 5 year old. I am beginner, shouldnt have jumped directly on a cardigan, but too late to realise it now. She is very much looking forward to it.

I have attached a screen shot of the design.

I have completed the ‘round neck cardigan back’. I have cast off the same.

I am not able to understand how to start with the arm hole. How many do i cast in the beginning?
Does it mean i start 33 casts ons and then do 33 stitches and then decrease 1 by 1 as i work through next each rows?

Can someone please help me understanding this.


Hi Sonali and welcome!
You have to start somewhere with sweater patterns, so why not a cardigan for your daughter?
Did you cast off (bind off) sts when you had completed the directions for the cardigan back? That’s not correct. Take out the bind off and put the live sts back on the needle. Then you should continue with the directions for the armhole. If you need help with this I can post a video. If that’s not the problem, let us know.
What size are you making?

Thanks so much for a quick reply.

Yes, a video would be really useful. Thanks.

I am making it for a 5 year old.


See if this helps:

Thanks so much, will try this tonight.

Just wanted to thank you for your help.

I have completed the back part now. Attached is the picUploading…

Thanks so much for your help. I have completed the back now. Attached is the pic.


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Beautiful! What lovely yarn too.

Hello again,
Hope u are well.
I have a further question.
I have started knitting the right side and for the button hole it looks like the pic I have attached. I just wanted to know if what I have done looks right. All the videos I have seen about buttonhole seem to be done differently.

I have attached the screenshot of the design along with my work.


The buttonhole looks fine. There are many different ways of making buttonholes, some simple and others much more complicated. In some cases it depends on how big a buttonhole you need but yours looks very neat.
What I’m wondering about is the last few rows. Should it all be in 1x1 ribbing or do the directions have you switching from knits to purls for a greater number of sts?

Thanks so much for ur response.

Sorry but am not clear about ur question.

Do u think something is wrong in there?


I was just wondering since the last row of sts seems to be a purl row. If you look towards the bottom of the photo, it seems like there are two rows of purl sts? and the ribbing is shorter? It may just be the photo.

Donno what has gone wrong, to me it still as per the design. I think it’s because my knitting is inconsistent.

Hopefully will complete the right side soon :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help. Not sure how I would have progressed without your help.



It’s going to be lovely. Enjoy finishing up.