How to sew two pieces together

Ok, I have finally finish my poncho for my 4 yr old dd. Thanks to all how has help me understand what I am doing. Now my big question… How do I sew them together now that I have the two rectangels together. Is there a video to teach me this. I have very limited ablities with a needle.
Thanks again to all who help me.


Check out Amy’s video on Mattress Stitch.

I watched her video. But I am confused how she started the mattress stitch. How do you secure the yarn in the two pieces?


I ususally use the yarn to put a stitch at the bottom to secure the yarn and then work my way up, weaving in the end as I go, or later.

Well, Duh. I did leave a very long tail just for that reason. I wasn’t using my head. I did a search and one person said to block before weaving. I am new so I don’t know what this is and is it important on a poncho?

Thanks again.

It depends on the yarn. If it is acrylic, or a mostly acrylic blend, don’t bother. If it is wool and curling, you can block it if you want–wet it and lay it out to the proper finished size.

Oh good. I can put it together tonight. My DD is so looking forward to having it. It’s not wool or curling.

Thanks you again so much.

I finished it. I seamed the two rectangles together last night for the poncho. My dd was excited it was finished. Although, my seams were not that good, It’s the first thing I have done that I had to peice it together. We had a cold front come in last night and it was a little cool this morning so she wore it to daycare. Thanks to all that help me through this. It took my hard head a long time to understand it. I did do 45 stitches and she should be able to wear it all this year and maybe next too if she doesn’t grow too much. Thank you all again. I couldn’t have finished it without you. This is a great site.


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