How to Sew Shoulder Seams

Hi, all,

I am making a child’s sweater and I was wondering if there was a video on sewing bound-off shoulder seams. I know how to sew side seams of a garment and how to weave seams together, but I sort of forget how to sew shoulder seams.:muah:



Do you mean “[B]seam[/B] bound-off shoulder seams”


do you mean “[B]sew[/B] on the sewing machine…”

If you mean “seam” the shoulder seams…use the mattress stitch to seam the bound-off shoulder seams together. Butt them together on a pillow on your lap, or on a tabletop…put a couple little pins to hold them butted together…and do the mattress seam.

Yes, there is a video clip here at KH for mattress seaming.
Go to VIEW VIDEOS>TIPS>scroll down to FINISHING>scroll down to Mattress Stitch.

Some helpful pics on shoulder seaming here


Thank you both. Yes, I did mean seam shoulder seams. I found the videos and the site a big help. I just finished the sweater today!