How to sew neckband without BO

Years ago when I knit I did a technique to sew a neckband down instead of binding off but I can not remember how. :shrug: I have my neckband on a circular needle and did one row purl and one row knit then did K1,P2 for 8cm. What I do remember is knitting the last two rows on a larger needle and just knitting them not ribbing. Then I left the stitches on the needle and turned it inside out and rolled the collar down and then somehow I did a knit or a purl on the stitch on the needle and then knit or purled the stitch below. But I can’t remember knit or purl when or which one. Do any of you do this technique? Also, should I attach it to just the ribbing or to the two rows of garter stitch I did first. Somehow I think that this technique works when sewing it to the ribbing. :wall: I guess I should not have quit knitting years ago and then I would not be having this problem of remembering everything. :-x

Do you have the Vogue Ultimate Knitting book? If so, look up “double crewneck.” I think it might be what you’re describing.

edit: I already made a mistake, what I used to do was do ribbing the last two rows with a larger needle not knitting two rows with a larger needle. But the rest is the same. :oops:

When I finish the ribbing on the neckband, do I leave it on the needle when I sew it down taking one stitch at a time. I think I remember now what I am to do but I am double checking. If the stitch on the needle is a knit then I knit it and then follow the stitch down to where I started the ribbing and purl it because it is folded down so at the bottom it looks like a purl, right? Then I purl or knit the next stitch-if it is a knit then knit it if it is a purl then purl it, right? What ever I do at the top where I am taking it off the needle then I do the opposite at the bottom, right?

Also, I have to take it apart now anyway because it is too tight and I don’t like where I picked up the stitches because there are some little holes. I picked up at a normal tension and took it apart then went back and picked up with a looser tension. That was a little better. :wall: I picked up in every stitch but somethimes I came to one stitch that looked bigger. Is that because maybe I cast that stitch off looser than the others? I tried first to pick up a stitch in it and then the hole looked bigger, Then I tried to pick up a bar below it and that made the hole ever bigger. Then I tried to skip that hole and picked up one on both sides hoping that when the ribbing was done the stitch on either side would close it but I still see it. Is there any tricks I can use to fix this, since I am going back and doing it over anyway.