How to sew button onto baby sweater

Although I;ve made many adult and children’s sweaters, this is the first one I’ve done for a baby. I have one small button that I want to use, but want to make sure that it is not going to come off. The holes in the button are too small to use the sweater yarn, so I have to use sewing thread. Is there any danger of it cutting through the yarn? Or am I being a real dummy about this?

It shouldn’t cut through the yarn unless you sew it really tightly. Try sewly loosely, but securely (several times through the button and sweater) and see how that works.

I have used sewing thread when in this situation. I wouldn’t guarantee that that it couldn’t cut the yarn though. Some folks like to use embroidery floss. I suppose you would use as many strands as you could and still get it to work. That would be thicker and softer than sewing thread and probably a better choice. But I have never really experienced a problem using thread.

True, you could even use regular sewing thread doubled.

Did you try unplying the yarn and sewing with that? (Sometimes works, sometimes not. Depends on breakage factor.) I usually opt for trying this before opting for sewing thread. If you have beeswax…those of us who tailor rely on it…rub the thread and that might make it sturdier AND provide a bit of coating so the thread can’t be as abrasive. Regardless of the sz of the sweater, I always use backer buttons to take tension off the working button. (Esp, in this case, where you have one button that’ll be taking all the stress.) I’m sure you make shanks where needed. Might be the case here, as well. That helps relieve some of the ‘working’ of the button.